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Sparekatalog og udviklings- og omstillingsplanen for Sociale Forhold og Beskæftigelse

MUME: An invaluable program that must be preserved

Regarding MUME:
This kind of program for differently-abled people is special, valuable, and needed. It is simply a fact that some people may not fit into or thrive in traditional jobs. Instead of leaving them languishing in unfulfilling, grinding, or meaningless jobs-- or no job at all-- social programs like MUME give purpose to these people and allow them to contribute to the general good of society by teaching them skills in creative subjects like the arts, media, and music. Here, they have a unique opportunity to exercise their minds.

This program provides mental wellbeing to an often overlooked and sequestered segment of society. Engaging with art and music is shown to have positive effects on people's health, wellbeing, and learning ability (such as verbal expression and communication). Music is one of the most fundamental things that can get through to people. Some people who are unable to communicate in conventional ways open up and are able to connect with others through music. From a humane standpoint, giving disabled people an opportunity to communicate and socialize through music in a safe space allows them to avoid isolation (isolation, which leads to depression). In this sense, I consider this program to also provide mental health services.

From a more general standpoint, any politician worth their salt and who is familiar with history knows that cutting funding to the arts leads to a culturally impoverished society. Art and music make up the fabric of healthy social life, for both children and adults.

In addition, as an engineer, I often look at problems from an efficiency standpoint. From a such a standpoint, the MUME program gets the most effective use out of our country's population. It allows more people to use their special talents and contribute to society. Furthermore, from an economic standpoint, many of the participants of the MUME program are on pension. If they're just sitting around at home or in an institution, it requires more pedagogues-- which costs more money. So the MUME program also saves money.

Lastly, I would encourage you, the politicians, to speak with the people who are involved with MUME (pedagogues, participants, etc.) as well as the audiences that benefit from the shows before you cut this program. Go to one of The Mumes' shows. I am personally close with one of the members of the band and have seen firsthand how the audience lights up when the band plays. You can see for yourself how much joy it brings to people.
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Caralee Nelson


14/11/2022 22:01




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