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Bora Bora Theatre Venue

We are an Spanish company working on promoting high quality dance and theatre companies internationally. In the past we have attended ILT Festival in Aarhus and have visited Bora Bora Theatre and we were impressed of the outstanding venue and artistic programming the staff that Bora Bora Team is doing to improve culture offer and cultural services into their community. We Believe that the cultural service that they are offering to the local community is absolutely linked to the outstanding quality of the venue they are running. A proper venue, with proper dimensions and technical conditions and proper economical budget makes possible to host outstanding international arts and dance productions that are shared with the local community. We are all linked and connected. High tech conditions help to program high art shows which help to highly enrich the multiple lives of multiple citizens of the city and help to build a more sensitive, humble, caring and generous society. Our current generation of children and young need venues like Bora Bora that keep the greatest conditions to offer the higher standards of arts and culture by inviting international companies who can enrich in many ways our societies. Please do keep Bora Bora's venue as it has been so far. We believe that they are doing an incredible work of service to the community and it is thanks to hosting and programming in this beautiful venue with such enormous possibilities. Thank you!
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Ana Sala


17/11/2022 07:54




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