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Bora Bora

To Whom It May Concern,

please allow me to make a short comment on the issue of Bora Bora. As the artistic director of LOFFT - DAS THEATER in Leipzig I was permanently facing the issue of finding a new space from 2011-2019. We have examined at least 5 different locations, most of them under monumental protection. Finally we could open up a new venue and production space with the help of a private investor, Leipzig municipality and public funding after reconstructing a large hall at a previous cotton mill which is today a centre for the arts. It was absolutely worth to invest all the work, time and money in the long process of examination of the best solution and developing a solid concept for it that offers sufficient spaces for now and has the potential for future development.
So receiving the news about the planned move of Bora Bora production house to other premises I was wondering why the City of Aarhus is willing to give up this unique gem. Over the past years Bora Bora has developed to an internationally acknowledged and well connected producer of and venue for dance, opening unique chances for Danish artists to develop their work and to be seen in Europe and beyond as well as bringing international impulses to Denmark.
Different to other art forms dance needs a certain prepared space large enough to hold audiences, stages, rehearsal spaces and the technical equipment. At the moment the premises used by Bora Bora offer a good standard.
The planned new premises at Godsbanen don't offer what it need and would demand high investments only to achieve a compromise solution.

Any move of Bora Bora to a different place should be a step towards even improved conditions in a new built dance house. Please reconsider the plans and help to sustain the furture development of Bora Bora.

With kind regards, Dirk Förster
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Dirk Förster


18/11/2022 08:20




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