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Bora Bora - the most international Production House and Residency Center for Dance

Bora Bora is the most active international production house that I know from Denmark since 2015. The team of Bora Bora is very creative and passionate of supporting artists from local, national and international scenes in terms of providing different-sized spaces aka studios and stage as well as their professional dramaturgical and production-wise advices to those artists, who just start their career as choreographers and/or stand in mid-career developments.

In 2017, Bora Bora was presenting Aerowaves Spring Forward, the most international European dance network within 18 productions from Europe and 1 production from Taiwan in the frame or the European Capital of Culture. At that time, I was in charge of the International Partnerships at the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) and witnessing how Bora Bora successfully presented different works with quality, and even engaged different stakeholders and many partners from local and international levels for example from the Nordic countries and Asia. Since then, Weiwuying and Bora Bora started collaboration in the Bora-Bora Residency Center (BBRC) project and aim at strengthening mutual understanding between Denmark and Taiwan in cultural base. Bora Bora is absolutely a leading production house of contemporary dance, who has been supporting intercultural collaborations in their current spaces and capacity.

I am in conversation with Lotte and her team about creating sustainable residency projects between Denmark and Taiwan for coming years. Myself and my partner - Want To Dance Festival from Taiwan and the theatre partner WAN Theatre are standing with Bora Bora to keep their current space and studios to support artists' residency and create different-scaled works. Bora Bora is our bridge to connect with Denmark and the Nordic countries from Far Eastern.

Please do keep Bora Bora's current spaces, support them with sustainability and let their creativity and ambitious projects to support dance artists from Denmark and beyond! So, Aarhus can keep their leading position of dance in the global map, and we can always find significant dance productions from Aarhus and Denmark on the international stages.

Links for references: 1) 2017 Weiwuying Annual Report https://issuu.com/8203661/docs/2017___en_; 2) Bora Bora Residency Center/Partners https://bora-bora.dk/en/bora-bora-residency-centre-partners/; 3) Want to Dance Festival https://www.wantodancefestival.com/; 4) Wan Theatre in Taipei https://www.shinehousetheatre.com/en/副本-萬座曉劇場-1
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Gwen Hsin-Yi Chang


21/11/2022 11:22




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