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New York theatre artist at TEATER KATAPULT (NOV 16-17, 2022)

I recently performed at TEATER KATAPULT in Aarhus during November 2022 with my solo multidisciplinary performance called SVANEKE -- which documented life in Svaneke, Denmark during height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was on a national tour of Denmark with SVANEKE and TEATER KATAPULT was our last stop on the tour. Audiences in Aarhus responded so overwhelmingly with positive and warm reactions to the work, because they felt it created a space for them to process what had happened to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Something which they did not have the chance for yet. Aarhus audiences echoed what we heard all around Denmark during October and November -- that they needed this space created by the SVANEKE performance -- a space to think and revisit those trying times; a space that is only created via live art, live theatre and live performance. Through my story and the stories of their fellow Danes living in Svaneke -- audiences in Aarhus were able to see themselves and their own experiences. If TEATER KATAPULT closes, where will this "space" created for Aarhus residents by my performance or the performances from other Danish and international artists take place? It will not take place on Netflix. It will not take place on YouTube or on Instagram. So where will stories that use innovative techniques to reach citizens live and in "real-time" to create this space -- where will these stories take place inside Aarhus? We need a diversity of live arts spaces more than ever before in North America and Europe; especially at time when our entertainment options are being streamlined and compressed into fewer and fewer outlets online. What happens to a Danish city whose residents only live on a sugary diet of corporate streaming content from the USA -- and no longer have a diversity of institutions to visit live and in person?

TEATER KATAPULT has an impeccable international reputation. They deserve to live and thrive. Truly.

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Kevin Doyle


23/11/2022 18:48




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