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Plans to move Bora Bora and withdrawn funding for Katapult

As professor of dramaturgy at Aarhus University, and on behalf of the collegium and student of the University's Dramaturgy department, I object strongly to the shortsighted and ill adviced ideas to remove funding from Katapult and move Bora Bora to Godsbanen. The case that the Godsbanen venue is unsuitable for dance performances and would require substantive rebuilding to be made suitable with a dance floor, a back and side stage, only to match the existing status quo at Bora Bora makes no sense in terms of saving money. If these modifications are not done, Bora Bora could not continue its internationally renowned programme of dance performances, as well as dance development through residencies and co productions. Recent performances by internationally high calibre dance artists such as Hofesh Shechter, Marie Chouinard and Mette Ingværtsen have demonstrated the status which Bora Bora has worked itself up to over the past decade. Katapult meanwhile plays a decisive role in the talent development of emerging artists, not least playwrights, through its Akademie activities. It is also a place where young artists, including many of our department's graduates, begin their careers and find their foot in the theatre profession. To compare this venue with state funded theatres, as the proposal does, demonstrates a lack of understanding of the theatre sector. Where will future artists to work at the state funded theatres come from? Certainly not from Aarhus, if the city's unique current environment as vækstlag incubator for emerging performing artists will be ruined by the implementation of the proposals included in the saving catalogue. Following the Aarhus City of Culture year in 2017, the city government would be well advised not to let its commitment to the development of culture and the support and nourishing of artistic development at initial and medium career progressions is continued in the future. Bora Bora and Katapult are integral flagships of Aarhus as a buzzing city of young talent in the performing arts, where it is also exciting to work and study performing arts, and certainly to watch performances. Me, my colleagues and our students would find the city's cultural performance arts infrastructure severely amputated by implementing these proposals, which we strongly object to.
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Peter M. Boenisch


24/11/2022 16:47




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