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Bevar Naturbørnehaven

Dear politicians,
I am deeply concerned when I hear that there are proposals to close down some of the unique daycare facilities we have in Aarhus.
We must preserve forest kindergarten, because children benefit from being outside.
This is the first lesson that I learned when I arrived in Denmark. How important is for children to be outside. Moreover it looks inappropriate to cut on this type of institution (skovbørnehave/ naturbørnehave) that are so special that all Europe are copying from Denmark . Even in Rome, where I came from, nowadays there are forest kindergarten. Even the Duchess of Cambridge visited one forest kindergarten when visiting Denmark the past February . So sounds ridiculous to cut in something that’s should be constantly developing and not something to consider to be closed.

it’s very frustrating and annoying to learn that there will be cut in this kind of institution. When we know Forest school develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experience in a natural environment. The use of nature and the outdoors in educational settings, which is widely recognised as having huge benefit on children’s mental health and well-being, is more important than ever before for future generations to have a close relationship with and understanding of nature.

My son is going to Naturbørnehaven Ajstrup Gl. Skole , and it is a blessing. My son love the børnehave where he can be free , where he can express himself, where he can ride different type of bike , climb trees, where he can sit around a fire and eat pop corn…. And I can write so many things, because the possibility there are so many. I am pretty sure his health is better than the average, and To me there is nothing better. Moreover the pædagog and all the people that work in it are incredible human beings and are high qualified.

Everyone should have the right to choose if they want this kind of daycare for their children. To me it is the the top of the choice for a parent. And you are choosing to shutting down the best that you have. To me it doesn’t make sense.
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Virginia Farneti


23/11/2022 16:19




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